Intropa Holding

Intropa Holding is an umbrella company that houses an interconnected framework of international trading businesses. Working across three continents, Intropa Holding has offices operating in Europe, Africa and The Middle East.

Based in Belgium, Intropa NV works alongside its shipping company Intropex to administer the procurement and transport of fast moving consumer goods from its global suppliers to the African market.

Goods arriving in Africa are received, cleared at the ports and distributed accordingly through sound supply chain management by our African-based companies. Our goods are efficiently circulated in the markets and receive maximum exposure through effective marketing and promotional activities managed by our local teams. Our products consistently represent quality and distinction and are accessible to consumers through various channels; in large supermarkets, mini markets, canteens and wholesalers. We also provide on-site services for customers to purchase their goods directly from our warehouses, further enhancing convenience and accessibility.

From source to consumer, Intropa Holding manages each stage in the supply chain with care and precision. Our interrelated structure brings forth a unified communication line that nurtures international business relationships and boosts customer satisfaction.

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